Perfectly Flawed 


© 2020  J O'HARE. 

Set underneath a bridge, on the outskirts of Amsterdam after a hot summer.

A real conversation blossoms between two strangers. The occasion forms organic narration. 

They talk life and lessons, whilst we watch on as Yassine tries to find himself.

All amongst all the stillness of the pandemic.

A film by Jak O'Hare.

Cast: Yassine El Ouardi & Mimi Bezooijen


DOP: Jasper De Kloet

Editor: Dave Silver

Colourist: Jason Wallis

Graphics: Ikki Dhesi

Sound Design: Dave Silver & Benjamin Braasem

 Music by Dream Death

Music Supervision: Steph Grace-Summers



Amazing. An excellent piece on life itself and all its trials and tribulations, from the perspective of an ordinary person. The street casting makes it shine with reality and gives it a often hard to achieve relatability. The talent displayed from everyone involved here is astounding.


Directors Library:

This is an excellent short - great creative execution, philosophical, and engaging. Exciting work.

Film Shortage:

Such an intriguing and wonderful pace. Love the curious path of storyline discovery, where its subtle and smooth progression simply flows us all the way to the end.


Beyond the short:

Such a lovely piece here! Some beautiful images and we loved the rawness of this. Well done!

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